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Modern vehicle interiors are made from many different materials: plastic, rubber, leather, fabric, alcantara, carpet and glass. It is important that the most appropriate product is used for the specific surface. Interior plastics should be treated at least twice a year, to clean and protect them.

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Leather Sanding Pad • to sand rough surfaces before repairing or coloring worn or cracked leathers • to clean the darkened areas of suede leathers (nubuck, velvet, suede) or detach them • for sanding rough surfaces before repairing leather • to remove lint on Alcantara • to carefully lighten dark...

4,13 €

Leather dye repair kit for colour restoration With mild cleanser / Black dye  For plain and structured leather Allows to repair scratches, abrasions or slight fading on leather Contains cleaner, colour, protector and all the necessary tools for a full repair Sufficient quantities to process a...

41,63 €

Hi-Tech Foam Applicator Pad Meguiar's W0002 Dimensions: 10 cm Set of 2To apply Meguiar's products more uniformly and effectively on your Porsche !

5,00 €

Leather Cleaning Brush • To thoroughly clean smooth pigments • To thoroughly clean imitation leather and plastics • To brush or clean suede, nubuck, etc. • To polish leathers maintained with ELEPHANT leather grease • To remove dry residue from the fat absorbing spray Sufficient quantities to...

4,13 €

Elephant Leather Preserver Nourishing care for smooth leathers Protects, waterproofs and nourishes leather interiors Keeps the leather supple with a light shiny patina 125 ml box Colourlock - Made in Germany Perfect for the leather interiors of convertibles and vintage Porsches

14,96 €

Gold Class Leather & Vinyl Cleaner Meguiar's G18516 473 ml bottle   Cleans without weakening the leather of your Porsche !

14,96 €

Leather cleaning spirit Perfect for degreasing leather without losing color For car seats and fittings, steering wheel, dashboard Applies to most existing leathers  225 ml bottle Colourlock - Made in Germany Does not discolor leather: ideal product for degreasing the leather of your Porsche

9,13 €

Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Meguiar's G17914 375 ml bottle   Highly effective solution to maintain and protect the leather of your Porsche !

16,63 €

Leather Balm with applicator pad Ultime Nourishes and protects durablyPleasant scentFoam applicator pad providedMeguiar's G18905160 g jarNourishes and durably protects all leather surfaces

24,96 €

Carpet and Interior cleaner Meguiar's G9416 473 ml bottle   Eliminates stains forever !

14,13 €

Natural Shine Vinyl & Rubber Protectant Meguiar's G4116 473 ml bottle   Find again the natural genuine finishing inside your Porsche !

16,63 €

Fulll leather repair kit With mild cleanser / Black dye and filler For plain and structured leather Allows to repair light scratches, scuff marks, cracked leather or colour damage. Suitable for small cracks (as long as the leather is still there) Contains cleaner, degreaser, colour, filler,...

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