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Created in 1906 by the knight Vicenzo Florio, The Targa Florio is the oldest automobile race in the world. It takes place in Sicily. The name comes from the “Targa” trophy received by the winner: a plate (Targa in Italian) engraved by the famous French master glassmaker and jeweler René Lalique.

The circuit layout is the largest in the world: 72 km per lap. With an average of a turn every 90 meters, more than 1000 turns per lap have to be negotiated!

The road starts from the seaside and quickly plunges into the land of Sicily with climbs, descents and villages crossings. It provides all possible difficulties. While many drivers have never wanted or dared to participate, others are registered their best and hardest victory. Imagine turning with prototypes on public roads! racing cars like the Porsche 908, able to reach 300 km / h stand alongside trucks, pedestrians, cyclists, goat herds or stray dogs! Generally overwhelmed, the security stays alongside the spectators.

Reconnaissance work is tedious and decisive. It must be thorough, noted all the bumps, lines, curves, bridges, and dozens of reconnaissance lap have to be done to head to 72 km. This is more of a rally. Drivers accustomed to circuits must reconcile with the asphalt crumbles. Swung around and “off the road” are common.

However, serious accidents are rare. Miraculously, in 57 editions, only two pilots were killed.

"It is delightfully crazy," says Jacky Ickx about the race, "the atmosphere is fabulous". Indeed, many Sicilian live only for "Targa".

In this particular context, the popular fervor can speak freely. In 1973, it was not the favorite of the tifosis, the legendary Lancia Stratos of Sandro Munari, who wins, but rather the Porsche 911 Carrera RSR driven by Müller and Van Lennep, after a classic race which will see more than half of the competitors abandon. With this victory, it's the experience that speaks : Porsche indeed has specialized very early in this type of racing, on which it relied to build his exceptional sporting achievements.

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Porsche 910 n°166Targa Florio 1967Drivers Vic Elford / Jochen NeerpaschPorsche 910 n°218Targa Florio 1967Drivers Jo Siffert / Hans HerrmannScale 1/43Manufacturer SparkArticle S9238 / S9239Resin model

141,63 € 150,00 €

Porsche 908/3 n° 7 Targa Florio 1971 Gulf JWADrivers Brian Redman / Jo SiffertScale 1/43Manufacturer SparkArticle ID S2330Resin model

66,63 €

Porsche 910 n°218Targa Florio 1967Team Porsche System EngineeringDrivers Jo Siffert / Hans HerrmannScale 1/43Manufacturer SparkArticle ID S9239Resin model

66,63 €

Porsche 910 n°192nd 1000km Nürburgring 1967Drivers Paul Hawkins / Gerhard KochPorsche 910 n°183rd 1000km Nürburgring 1967Drivers Jochen Neerspasch / Vic ElfordScale 1/43Manufacturer SparkArticle SG819 / SG820Resin model

141,63 € 150,00 €

Porsche 910 n°1663rd Targa Florio 1967Team Porsche System EngineeringDrivers Vic Elford / Jochen NeerpaschScale 1/43Manufacturer SparkArticle ID S9238Resin model

66,63 €

Porsche 904 GTS n°94Targa Florio 1965Team Porsche EngineeringDrivers Antonio Pucci / Günther KlassScale 1/43Manufacturer SparkArticle ID S9233Resin model

66,63 €

Porsche 904 GTS n°174Targa Florio 1965Team Porsche EngineeringDrivers Joakim Bonnier / Graham HillScale 1/43Manufacturer SparkArticle ID S9232Resin model

66,63 €

Porsche 910 n°1742nd Targa Florio 1967Team Porsche System EngineeringDrivers Leo Cella / Giampiero BiscaldiScale 1/43Manufacturer SparkArticle ID S9237Resin model

66,63 €

Porsche 904 GTS n°1763rd Targa Florio 1965Team Porsche EngineeringDrivers Umberto Maglioli / Herbert LingeScale 1/43Manufacturer SparkArticle ID S9231Resin model

66,63 €

Porsche 906 n°150Targa Florio 1966Team Scuderia FilipinettiDrivers Claude Bourillot / Umberta MaglioliScale 1/43Manufacturer SparkArticle ID S9236Resin model

66,63 €

Porsche 904 GTS n°1763rd Targa Florio 1965Drivers Umberto Maglioli / Herbert Lingeref S9231  Porsche 904 GTS n°174 4th Targa Florio 1965Drivers Joakim Bonnier / Graham Hillref S9232 Porsche 904 GTS n°945th Targa Florio 1965Drivers Antonio Pucci / Günther Klassref S9233 

191,63 € 200,00 €

Porsche 907 N°224Winner Targa Florio 1968Drivers : V. Elford - U. MaglioliScale : 1/18Manufacturer : SparkArticle 18S689Resin modelComes with its display case

166,63 €
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